Laptop Pitstop Hyper Connect™
Remote Support Assistance

What is Remote Assistance?

Laptop Pitstop Hyper Connect Agent is a remote desktop access software that empowers you to have the computer repair shop right at your fingertips. It allows our technicians to remotely troubleshoot and repair software, virus, and operating system problems right from the comfort of your home or office. That’s right, no more bringing your computer into the repair shop and waiting a week to get it back! We offer “On The Spot” repairs with this service at a fraction of the cost when taking your computer into the repair shop and the service is free when you sign up for our support contract.

When Can I Use it?

With 24HR emergency services available you never have to worry about computer problems again day or night. We offer these services 24 hours a day at affordable rates for our customers.

What Do I Get?

Our support contracts include weekly checkups for updates to anti-virus software, operating systems, and general health of your computer. Our goal is to keep your computer running in top shape behind the scenes so that you don’t have to bring it into the shop in the first place. If you don’t have a support contract, you may want to consider it! Support contracts offer these services free of charge and are offered at affordable rates with payment plans available! Our standard support contracts support up to 3 computers of your choosing.

Is It Safe and Secure?

Laptop Pitstop Hyper Connect Agent offers several security features to keep your computer safe from hackers, and prying eyes. With Laptop Pitstop Hyper Connect Agent YOU are in control of your services. When you call us for remote services you MUST allow a Technician access to your computer (Unless you have given us regular access for weekly checkups and updates only available with Support Contracts). We hold your privacy in the highest regards and never disclose your remote support information. The technician assigned to you is the ONLY person who has access to this information. Plus we host our own servers to provide you this service which means you connect directly to us. No 3rd party companies who could spy on your computer equipment.

How do I get started?